Media Interview and Presentation Skills for Professionals and Experts

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Course Description

You’re an experienced subject matter expert or spokesperson for your organisation but the thought of speaking to a journalist, on a public panel, on a podcast or even pitching your ideas, fills you with dread.

This course will give you proven methods to structure your key messages as well as strategies for staying on track when the interview strays into irrelevant or dangerous territory.

With these tactics, you’ll never be tongue-tied or caught like a deer in the headlights when faced with a tricky question. This is the inside knowledge journalists, politicians and veteran spokespeople know and use to their advantage. Mastering these skills will equip you to deliver your message clearly, confidently and concisely.

If you know how to play the media game to win, you’re on your way to becoming a thought leader in your field. You’ll boost the visibility of your work, your brand or the cause you’re passionate about.

The key concepts covered include:

  • The benefits of speaking to the media.
  • What makes someone a compelling spokesperson or ‘good media talent’.
  • How to identify what’s ‘newsworthy’ about your story, research, service or product so it captures your audience’s attention.
  • How to structure key messages to ensure ‘quotable quotes.’
  • How to pivot away from irrelevant or potentially controversial questions and stay on track.
  • How to manage a PR crisis.
  • Delivery skills – voice, pacing, body language – to communicate effectively.
  • Logistics – do’s and don’ts.

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